Coolsense Pain Numbling Application
Direction of Usage

Warning -
Do not take the metal pin apart from the vial or empty the cooling liquid from it.
This product is not intended for any other purpose other than for injection procedures, in order to avoid the risk of cold burns.
The product is suitable for adult, children and infant use.
Do not use this product if it is not intact, if some of its parts have been tampered with or if one of its compartments has been emptied.
Keep the cover space filled with Alcohol (70% concentration) or other disinfection fluid. The liquid in this product is flammable and must be kept away from any heat source.
Coolsense® should be put into the freezer compartment (resting on its top) in its entirely for at least one hour prior to use. Product may be kept in freezer beyond the one hour minimum limitation.

After removing the product from the freezer for use, ensure that the temperature indicated on the thermometer on the side of the product, is in the range between 0c to (-)4c. if the temperature is below (-)4c , wait until it warms up. If the temperature is above 0c, return it to the freezer.
Remove the cap by a circular motion and put it aside, resting on its top. Ensure that the top of the metal pin is lubricated with the disinfectant. Place the top of the metal pin at the site of injection where the syringe will be injected for 4 to 5 seconds .leave the Coolsense® on the surface and than administer the injection.
Replace the Coolsense® cap while ensuring that it contains sufficient liquid and restore into freezer cabinet. See the Coolsense® demonstration:
The product's parts and operation are guaranteed for a year, provided that there has been no breakage and no part has been replaced by anyone other than a Coolsense® representative

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